Update 30.03.2022

At the weekend we completely assembled and tested our CanSat. Those were some exhausting hours, as some 3D-printed parts didn't quite fit and some connectors were a bit loose. In the end, however, we managed to produce a stable and fail-safe CanSat.

The finished CanSat. For testing still without top cover

28.03.2022 was the last possible day for shipping the satellite, which we of course kept. Due to the express shipping, the CanSat was also in Bremen the very next day.

Wednesday, 30.03.2022 was one of the most important days of the competition: the virtual conference. Here, all teams presented their mission, implementation and difficulties to the jury and the other participants. We are impressed by the achievements of the other teams, the inventiveness of the missions and the creative implementations! Therefore, we are very much looking forward to the start day next week.

We wish all teams a successful flight and a safe landing!

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