Update 10.04.2022

In the meantime we have got our CanSat back. First things first: all sensors and actuators worked as planned and we were able to read out the data on the SD cards. In addition, the gas collection bags are filled.

Due to a defect on the rocket, our CanSat flew twice, because on the first flight the release mechanism did not work. Therefore, we now have two data sets that we can evaluate. What is not so good, however, is that the two flights have mixed up the samples in the gas collection bag. Together with KIT, we will check to what extent the air samples can still be used and what insights can be gained from them.

We have already started to evaluate the collected sensor data. On 12 May 2022, the virtual final event of the competition will take place, where we will present our results. Here is a first preview of the evaluation:

temperature-altitude profile

The temperature-altitude profile shows the temperature at different altitudes. It can be seen that, as expected, it is significantly warmer at ground level than at higher altitudes. In addition, the temperature decreases rather quickly and reaches its minimum at about 500 metres altitude. Surprisingly, the temperature increases by another 1 degree Celsius at about 600 metres.

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