Update 09.05.2022

On Monday, May 9, we focused on the analysis of our gas samples, and for this purpose we had an appointment with Dr. Saathoff at the KIT . At the Institute for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (AAF) he explained us how the proton transfer mass spectrometer works and how the measured values are analyzed. In addition, we enjoyed a very interesting guided tour through the institute, especially the impressive cloud simulation chamber within the facility. Thereby, we were able to follow the analysis of our gas samples at close range, learning a lot about atmospheric aerosol research. We received the final results shortly after our visit in the following days.

We would like to thank Dr. Saathoff and Yanxia Li for the evaluation of the gas samples and the detailed insight into the IMK-AAF.

Measuring instruments at IMK-AAF
Cloud Simulation chamber (outside)

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