Report 01.11.2021

On Monday, 01.11.2021, we met to continue the planning of our CanSat and to divide up the work assignments.
First we unpacked all the parts that had arrived and sorted them.
Then we went through our Second Mission again and made a detailed plan for our valve system.
As these parts had not yet arrived, we could not continue working on them and could not carry out any tests with the pump and the valves.
So we created a Github repository to distribute and organise all the tasks that could be done.

Raspberry Pi pico

While one part of the team prepared the microcontrollers so that the sensors could be tested, other team members looked more closely at the structure of our probe and constructed an initial concept for the outer shell, which is to be divided into a structure of several floors so that changes can be incorporated more easily and with less material.

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