Welcome to Team Aiolos

On 05 April 2022, our CanSat was launched in Bremen. Unfortunately, the covid pandemic prevented us from attending the launch in person. Instead, there was a YouTube-Livestream.
By winning the German competition, we qualified for the European competition. Therefore, we were allowed to travel to Bologna with 24 other teams from June 20 to June 25. Our CanSat was launched a second time on June 22.

This is the official website of Team Aiolos, participant and winner of the German CanSat competition 2021/22 and participant of the European competition 2022. Here we present our project in more detail and will report on the current development status through regular blogs.

What is the CanSat competition about?

The German CanSat Competition is an event aimed at students where ten selected teams design and assemble a small probe in the shape and size of a commercial beverage can - therefore called a CanSat. Towards the end of the competition, a rocket provided by the organisers will take the probe to an altitude of up to 1000m, from where it will be ejected. Using a recovery system, the CanSat will then return to the ground at a set fall rate, completing our primary and secondary mission.

While the primary mission is the same for all teams, the secondary mission can be chosen individually. You can find out more about our idea and its implementation under Mission. You can access the official website of the European CanSat competition via https://www.esa.int/Education/CanSat , while the German Competition webpage is found at www.cansat.de.

The European CanSat Competition is the next stage of the German CanSat Competition. This competition is hosted by ESA (European Space Agency); here all winners of the national competitions meet to determine a European winning team. For this purpose, each CanSat is launched a second time and competes against the other teams. The team that carries out the planned mission most successfully and is able to present the results best wins.

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